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No matter what you are struggling with, our team at ATLAS is eager and ready to assist you. We will walk with you every step of the way.

We are glad that you have been led here and are eager to begin working with you. We would love to talk and walk alongside you as we build a plan of how to move forward.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 712-737-4090 or email us at to set up an appointment to talk with a staff mentor free of charge. All we will ask for is your name and phone number.


Are you a good listener? Do you have the desire to share the love of Christ with someone who is in need? You may be a great mentor and we would be excited to have you join our team!

What does it mean to be an ATLAS mentor?

  • Committing to a year of faithfully meeting 2-4 times/month for approx. one hour with another person.
  • Trusting in Christ for your salvation and growth and finding ways (including church) to encourage your relationship with Him.
  • Having permission to listen purposefully, ask intentionally, and pray faithfully.
  • Being uncomfortable with your own sin and confident in the Holy Spirit’s refining work in your life.
  • Being supported by us and working as a team.
  • Being ready and able to encourage another. ​

Please prayerfully consider the mentoring commitment and pledge attached below and our commitment to you. If you feel led, fill out the following questionnaire. This is NOT a commitment to mentor, but an invitation for us to contact you further. You may also e-mail or call with your response or questions.


ATLAS has the opportunity to provide free services for our clients thanks to the generous support of the community. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

ATLAS Orange City Area is funded by individuals, churches, and businesses so we can offer free services to those in need of help. If you would like to donate to our ministry, feel free to send a check to:

322 Central Ave NW
Orange City, IA 51041

You can also use our PayPal option by scanning the QR code below.

Join our Team


Summary of the Job Description

To lead the team members of ATLAS Orange City Area toward their own maturity and development in order to accomplish the ATLAS Orang City Area Mission.


  • Growing relationship with Jesus Christ and local church family
  • Naturally walks alongside others with gospel intentionality
  • Possesses a natural and affirmed ability to be a servant -leader of individuals and teams
  • commitment to consistently set a spiritual tone for own family, staff, board, and in community relations

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

 Management and Administration:

  • Develop and implement an active strategic planning process to reach goals consistent with the mission and vision of ATLAS Orange City Area
  • Oversee all programs, services, and activities to ensure the organizational goals are met

Client Care:

  • Determine clients needs according to established assessment procedures
  • Provide support to clients in need of crisis intervention and refer to appropriate specialized services when necessary.
  • Assist clients i developing a strategic plan for growth.
  • Advocate on behalf of clients and mediate to resolve conflict.
  • Work closely with Staff Mentors and Mentor Coordinator to help in the process of mentoring.


  • Develop, recommend, and monitor annual and other budgets
  • Assure effective audit trails
  • Approve Expenditures
  • Submit monthly financial statement to board of directors

Fund Development:

  • Conduct financial campaigns, grants, and requests to foundations
  • Organize fund-raising events
  • Develop Relationships with donors to raise annual and other budgets


  • Serve as final authority for employee relations and personnel matters
  • Provide staff development training and material
  • Develop and administer standards and procedures related to human resources and team development
  • Assign work and evaluate the performance of all team members
  • Ensure the maintenance of a Christ-centered staff culture

Board Relations:

  • Develop and maintain successful working relationships with the board and board members
  • Assist board chair in developing board agenda
  • Facilitate the recruitment and orientation of new board members

Community Relations:

  • Cast and communicate the mission & vision of ATLAS to community, churches, and organizations
  • Speak on behalf of ATLAS to encourage individual and community partnership
  • Collaborate with other local non-profits/ministries to achieve greater community success


Approximately 40-50 hours a week depending on the nature of the essential duties and any extra tasks and projects.

Community Engagement Coordinator:

Summary of Job Description:

To recruit, equip, direct and develop a community of mentors, and supporters who work in concert with staff of ATLAS Orange City Area to accomplish its mission and vision.


  • Growing relationship with Jesus Christ and local church family
  • Naturally walks alongside others with gospel intentionality and high interpersonal skills, understanding the worth and value of everyone's story, ready to represent God's story.
  • Strong networking skills, utilizing a love for this community in order to identify and recruit potential mentors, partners, and supporters into the ATLAS mentoring community
  • Passionate and articulate natural public speaker, able to communicate and publicly represent ATLAS with integrity and accountability
  •  Strong administrative and technological ability to collaborate with a team

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with clients and Staff Mentors in order to provide healthy mentor/mentee pairings
  • Spending intentional, Spirit-directed time in the community in order to identify and recruit mentors and supporter in collaboration with Staff Mentors
  • Know the mission of ATLAS and clearly, passionately, and visibly articulate it to others
  • Plan, build, and host monthly Mentor Connection nights, empowering and maximizing the work of God through community mentors.
  • Frequently communicate with mentors and mentees throughout the mentoring process via phone, email, or face-to-face contact.
  • Maintain a consistent working relationship with ATLAS, ensuring good communication, direction, and training.
  • Keep detailed records of communication between mentors, mentees, and mentor coordinator.
  • Provide feedback, suggestions, corrections, etc. as needed throughout a mentor relationship, problem solving, and/or mediating within a relationship when necessary, and/or providing support from mentoring community
  • Send and review periodic evaluations to mentors and mentees
  • Be readily available to assist mentoring pairs through hurdles and difficulties being prepared to terminate a mentoring relationship when necessary.
  • Affirm and support ATLAS Statement of Faith and abide by ATLAS Orange City's conduct requirements at described in the employee handbook.
  • report directly to the Director at ATLAS and communicate regularly with all ATLAS team members.


20-22hrs- Contacting mentors from office, sending out, receiving, and evaluating forms, administrative work, staff meetings, staff collaboration, pairing mentors with mentees, helping to answer phone calls, receive clients, visitors, and community members, and personal spiritual development.

8-10hrs- Spending intentional and Spirit-directed time in the community, connecting with past, current and future mentors, developing a strong ATLAS network and inviting them into partnership with ATLAS.

4-5hrs- Meeting with clients early in the Staff Mentoring process in order to understand the client's story and begin reflecting and praying towards the most excellent mentor/mentee pair.

1-2hrs- Visiting churches in evenings and during worship services to speak about ATLAS mentoring and other programs.

1-2hrs- Collaborating with Director in order to provide key information towards ATLAS fundraising.

1-2hrs- Reflecting and envisioning new strategic directions for ATLAS mentoring.

1-2hrs- Planning, hosting, assessing, and improving ATLAS Mentor Connection Meetings.

Total Weekly hours: 38-45hrs