At ATLAS we believe that God has designed us to be in relationships; first with Him through faith in Jesus, and then with one another. It is within these relationships that we learn to listen, love, and lean-in for help and support. It has been said that all poverty begins with a poverty of relationships…if this is so then the pinnacle of blessing is to be rich in relationships!

The primary mission of ATLAS Orange City Area is to help see that everyone within our community is a part of a discipleship/mentoring relationship where life-on-life accountability, listening, and growing can take place.

Many people falsely believe that in order to be in a relationship like this that they must first have their own lives “figured out”, that they can’t offer support unless they are fully supporting themselves. This just isn’t so, as the only perfect discipler/mentor is Jesus Christ, the rest of us are merely travelers on the road of life, learning and stumbling as we live our everyday lives for Him.


If you are sensing that it would be good for you to be in a gospel-centered mentor relationship then we agree! All of us, whether we’re the lowest we’ve ever been or a little further down the road, should be in this kind of relationship. To start the process, make an appointment with a staff mentor at ATLAS Orange City Area. Someone will sit down with you and listen to your story. This can happen over one appointment, or if helpful, a few weeks. When you are comfortable with proceeding, we will have you meet with another staff person who will begin the process of finding a mentor to pair you with. You will be a part of the process every step of the way and we will work to ensure that you are feeling good about this new relationship from day one and beyond.

If you feel that God may be leading you to be a mentor and to give some time to listening to and investing in another person, please let us know! We have a process in place of training and accountability that will (by God’s grace!) ensure that your new mentoring relationship will not only be a success but a season of growth for both of you. If you already have someone in mind or would like to be paired with someone on our list, we will work with you every step of the way.