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At ATLAS Orange City Area we hold the role of the local church as primary…it is God’s Plan A for the world and there is no Plan B. We value very highly the relationship that we have with our community’s churches and desire to continue to encourage one another and partner together in the work that we’ve been given. One way that we seek to do to this is through our ATLAS Advocates; individuals within your local church who know the ministry of ATLAS and the mission of your church and can help to grow our partnership together.

Two primary ways that they seek to do this is first through recruiting mentors that can be paired with individuals who have been seeking help through ATLAS and second, by “cheerleading” the ATLAS vision of equipping “everyday” believers for discipleship. We would love to talk with you about the potential of working together in this way. If you are a church leader that is wanting more information or are an individual that would like to serve as an Advocate, give us a call. We would love to share this ministry with you!



We believe that to love like Jesus is to not only speak the gospel over people’s lives but to tangibly reach into their needs and meet them when we can…this is the gospel with work gloves on. Neighbor Labor is a platform that helps to pair service teams from schools, churches, etc. with needs from within the community. It could be anything from raking leaves to replacing a window, painting a fence to reshingling a garage. We do the work of meeting with the client, assessing the need for material and labor, and then getting everything in place for a safe and successful work experience.

If you have a need that you think fits this description and would like us to take a look please give us a call! We would love to meet with you, pray with you, and potentially get a team to serve you with Jesus’ love.

If you have a team of people that would like to serve the community in this way, let us know. We will work hard to ensure that we pair the right kind of job to the particular skill level of your team.


We believe that redemption through faith in Jesus is a past, present, and future reality that not only pertains to people, but all of creation. We anticipate the Day when Jesus makes all things new…when all of creation is freed from the deadly curse of sin and is remade to fully reflect the glory of God as it was created to do. We also believe that humanity has been given a mandate. A role in creation of being fruitful, multiplying, and having dominion over the earth. As image-bearers of God, we are to use all of our mental, physical, and spiritual capacity to design, create, and build…in anticipation of Jesus’ full restoration of all things. One way we seek to do this is to partner with groups in beautifying spaces in our community…areas that are in need of some clean-up or restoration. If you have a group that is interested in working in this way give us a call…we would love to partner with you in creating a Sacred Space!

Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursdays at 7:00PM at the ATLAS Office

Call 712.737.4090 for more information

AA group meetings are held weekly. If you or someone you love struggles with alcohol, we encourage you to attend these open and welcoming meetings.

Location Information


What is the ATLAS Christmas Store?
A one-day shopping experience to help financially-challenged families thrive during the holiday season. Anyone is welcome to shop and purchase new items at reduced prices. A spending limit is established per person/family, so that all shoppers are able to benefit fairly.

How to help

Donate items and money

  • After Thanksgiving, find ATLAS Store trees in the Orange City and Alton area banks and change buckets in various businesses around the area
  • Bring donations to our office: 322 Central AVE NW inOrange City
  • We accept contributions all year long

Donate time

  • Set up the store, price items, run the store
  • Shoppers volunteering in the store for credit do have first priority on these opportunities

Donate talents

ATLAS is always open to new and exciting ways to partner with each other's gifts


Established in 2007, ATLAS felt challenged by Robert Lupton's book, Compassion, Justice, and the Christian Life, to move away from "adopting families" toward creating an environment of interdependency, development, and authentic exchange. We seek to create an experience of dignity, respect, and stewardship for all involved: customers, donors, and volunteers.

Time and location

The time and place of the ATLAS Christmas Store varies each year. Contact the ATLAS office for exact date, time, and location.


In memory of ATLAS’s past mentor coordinator, JoEllen Kauk, the Discipleship Awards were founded in 2012 to recognize and thank up to three individuals or organizations who have been giving of themselves in service by helping the hurting, equipping believers, or uniting the community; these are the core principles of ATLAS.

If you know someone who should be nominated for our Discipleship Award, fill out our nomination form and return to the ATLAS office or email to: office@atlasorangecityarea.com